MMC Can Help You with Weight Loss – By Karen Reeves

MMC Can Help You with Weight Loss – By Karen Reeves

Have some extra weight to lose before it’s time to go swimsuit shopping, but you just don’t know how to do it? Give McKenzie Medical Center a call, because we CAN help you lose those extra pounds.

We have 3 amazing providers, Beth Graves, Courtney Steinley, and Jennifer Jennings that will help and guide you through your weight loss journey. We do want to make sure you are healthy before starting a diet plan, so we do request that you complete a Wellness visit, after all, your health is our main priority. Depending on your situation and your health, you may be eligible for our B12 injections, Adipex or another appetite suppressant.

You will also get to meet with our in clinic dietician, Alice Chapman. Mrs. Alice will meet with you one on one and go over with you how to eat healthy and give you some ideas on meal planning.

There is not a cure all for weight loss, so along with our providers and dietician, we also have an onsite fitness instructor, Robyn Hatler. You will get one FREE class with Robyn and after that you may choose to continue meeting with Robyn and come to the fitness classes offered here at MMC (Robyn can give you information on the cost) or we can give you information on joining Flex Fitness or even give you a fitness plan that you can do at home.

Now, as with all weight loss programs, there is a cost.* Some insurance’s will pay for weight loss programs and others will not, but no insurance will pay for the B12 injections. So, the cost of the B12 injections is $25. If your insurance does not pay for weight loss, the initial visit will be $89 and that includes the visit with one of our weight loss providers, a shot or prescription and a visit with Mrs. Alice. All visits after the initial visit will be $65, plus the cost of the shot.

You may be thinking that this is a little pricey, but where else can you go to see a provider that will help and guide you through this journey and get healthy eating and meal plan ideas that you can cook yourself at home, that will taste totally amazing, instead of the prepackaged meals that taste like cardboard. So what are you waiting for? Give McKenzie Medical Center a call and let’s get started working on that beach body you have been dreaming about!

*Please contact MMC directly: 731-352-7907 to verify cost information, as prices are subject to change.