We Appreciate Our Social Workers

We Appreciate Our Social Workers

March is Social Workers Appreciation Month. Here at McKenzie Medical Center (MMC) we have three outstanding social workers on staff – David Johnson, Lauren Fields and Rich Reynolds. Each of these providers go above and beyond to look after our patients.

David Johnson is passionate about helping people with a history of trauma. “Trauma changes us all the way down to a cellular level, impacting every area of our lives. Without help, some people never overcome those effects,” comments David. There is no need to suffer alone, MMC is here to help!

Lauren Fields is passionate about the integration of medical and mental health. “I think ACEs (Adverse Child Experiences) are a prime example of showing the marriage between the two. The psychological exposure to trauma during childhood development are linked to multiple chronic health diseases as well as mental health,” commented Lauren. The screening program that we are starting at MMC is something Lauren has been working on for the last two years. Providers will have a greater understanding of what their patients have been through, which will allow them to convey more empathy. “It’s not ‘what’s wrong with you,’ it’s about ‘what’s happened to you.’ This mindset allows the patient to take more control of their health and well being.”

Rich Reynolds has done substantial work in making sure our patients have access to helpful resources. He takes the time to reach out to patients and ensure they are getting the quality help they need to improve their quality of life.

Together our social workers make quite the team and we are very thankful they are here at MMC. The services they provide mean we are able to make sure our patients are well looked after.