prenatal care

Prenatal care is the nursing and medical care recommended for women before and during their pregnancy/s. Good prenatal care strives to detect any possibility problems early on in the pregnancy and to prevent them if at all possible (by providing information on good nutrition, vitamin intake, exercise, etc). Routine prenatal care has played a role in reducing maternal death rates and miscarriages, while additionally limiting birth defects and low birth weight as well as other preventable infant problems.

MMC’s prenatal care program is supported by Certified Nurse Midwives - Anita Baker-Ross, Amy Papszycki and Becky Johnson an OB-GYN – Dr. Fornera and four primary care providers – Dr. Winkler , Dr. Colotta , Dr. Bryant , and Dr. Reno . As a result MMC is able to provide a full range of Obstetrics care from family practice, specialized OB-GYN through to pediatric care.

Attention OB Patients
For questions or concerns after normal business hours 8am - 5pm, Please call LDRP at the Hospital: 731-352-4149

Helpful Links:
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Protocol for OB Patients with Constipation

Medications that can NOT be Taken During Pregnancy


“My first visit to Dresden Specialty Clinic was great – the employees were very cordial, friendly and had pleasant smiles on their faces. They didn’t treat you as a number but as a client to take care of you and your needs. Missy, the lab tech, was very professional, friendly and courteous.  I appreciate being introduced to each person involved in my care.  It made you feel like you were a part of their big family.”