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Everyone needs a yearly wellness visit. You go to the dentist for a check every six months. You take your car in regularly for an oil change and tire rotations, etc. However, you tend to only go to the doctor when you do not feel well. Healthcare is changing in regards to this approach. The shift is going towards preventative care. If you have a yearly wellness visit that addresses certain quality measures in your health, much can be done to help detect medical problems early and prevent more serious problems from developing.

What is the Cost?

The good news about this visit, is that most insurances want us to get you in for an annual visit. All insurances now pay for a wellness visit. Some will pay for them once a year starting each January. Others will pay every 365 days. Either way we will not charge you anything. There is no co-pay, no deductible and no extra cost. If you get a bill from us for a wellness visit - it will be a mistake. Please send it to us, call or bring it with you. We promise there is no additional charge for a wellness visit.

What if Tests Need to be Done?

If tests need to be done as a result of the wellness visit, most are covered by insurance. We will not do any tests that are not covered without receiving your direct permission to do them. We try to schedule all the tests that are needed on the day you are in the office. However, that is not always possible. Some tests will have to be schedule for another time.

What if I Need my PAP Done?

If it is time for your PAP smear we recommend doing it with your wellness visit. If you get your PAP smear elsewhere, we will ask you to sign a release so we can get a copy of the report. Of course - as with any test - you can choose to not have it done. If your insurance only pays for a PAP/wellness visit together and you get your PAP done elsewhere, we will not bill you for the wellness visit as long as we get that PAP report.

What if the Provider Finds Something Wrong?

If we find something wrong that needs to be treated, we will address that at the visit. However, we usually establish a plan for treatment. As previously mentioned it is very similar to going to the dentist for a check up. If they find a bunch of cavities, they usually do not fix them during that visit, they schedule you a treatment plan.

What if I Need a Prescription Refilled or If I Have a Sore Throat that Needs to be Treated?

We are happy to also address these problems in combination with the wellness visit. In that case, we will do a regular office visit first (in which the usual charges, etc, apply) and then follow up immediately with your wellness visit.

How Long Will the Wellness Visit Take?

If the visit is at the same time as a regular follow up or other office visit the wellness visit will take less time. Typically between 15 and 30 minutes.

Will this Be Done By My Provider?

There are many things that will be done by other staff and nurses. However, you will have a significant time with your provider. Your provider will go over all health screening results after your nurse completes the screening questions. Together you will develop a plan of action.

Is there Anything I need to do for this Visit?

Yes, there a lot of things we need your help with. Click Here: Patient Checklist for Yearly Wellness Visit The more items you can do on this list the smoother your visit will go.

Is it OK to Eat Breakfast or Lunch the Day of my Wellness Visit?

If it has been over a year since you have had any blood work, then it will be best to request a morning appointment and not eat before coming in. Also, if you are combining your wellness visit with a regular follow up visit (for high cholesterol or diabetes, etc) and you usually come in fasting - then it is best to not eat or drink. If your appointment is in the afternoon it is ok to eat and drink.

Will this Wellness Visit be Scheduled with “My Provider”?


I am a Fairly New Patient and Use Different Providers…

All of our primary care providers are well trained to do your visit.

I Can’t Miss Work if I’m Not Sick. I’ve Missed Too Much Work Already. How Can I Schedule My Visit?

If you have an appointment for a sick visit we will try and schedule extra time for your wellness visit. We will also have some limited time available after hours and on Saturdays for wellness visits. Remember if you stay well - you will miss less work. In the long term a wellness visit annually will save time off work.

If you have not had your wellness visit this year, YOU SHOULD! Contact us to schedule your visit or if you are on Follow My Health patient portal - just send us a message. Remember, An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Care!