Mobile Check-in

Mobile Check-in

We will begin offering mobile check-in on August 20, 2019, providing you a faster registration experience. You can check-in before your appointment from your computer, tablet or smartphone, whenever it’s most convenient for you. Phreesia, our new check-in system will send you an email/text message a few days before your appointment. In addition to being able to register for your appointment, you will be able to complete some of the health questions that are useful to your visit. This will save you time and eliminate the need for your to complete any paperwork when you arrive for your appointment.

There is no app to download and no need for a username or password. You simply click the link provided in the text message or email. This allows you to securely answer any registration and medical questions necessary for your appointment. The information you enter into Phreesia is private and secure and will allow our team to better care for you.

MMC’s waiting rooms will also be equipped with PhreesiaPads that you can use to complete your check-in while in our waiting room if you do not have a smartphone, tablet or computer.

You will need to use this new system for every appointment but once you have completed the initial registration, the next time will be much quicker because Phreesia saves your answers. If you can’t finish your registration before your appointment don’t worry Phreesia saves all the information you previously inserted. See one of our receptionists when you arrive and they will be happy to send you a new link.

Please verify your cell phone number and email address with a member of our staff, and you can make your next visit simpler and faster! For more information give us a call at 731-352-7907.