Baptist Memorial Hospital of Carroll County Out Patient Diagnostic Center radiology uses imaging technologies including x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds, Nuclear Medicine to diagnose and treat diseases.

Radiologic Technologists operate the radiographic equipment. They are in charge of explaining the procedure to the patient and ensuring the patient understands and is comfortable with the procedure. Then they are responsible for operating and adjusting the devices to obtain optimum images of specific body areas.

These images are then sent to a radiologist to be interpreted. A patient is notified as soon as the results are received back from the radiologist. Please ensure you provide your current phone number correct address and email address to the radiology check-in window so that they can promptly contact you with your results.

Patients should remove all jewelry and other metal articles, as an x-ray cannot pass through these items. Unnecessary exposure to radiation is prevented by the use of radiation protection devices, such as lead shields.

To schedule an appointment please call: 731-393-7044

For more information please call: 731-393-7042

For Radiologist Billing Questions call 1-800-411-5433 (billing is out of Memphis)

Fax number 731-358-6668

Radiology Hours: Open Monday-Friday 8-10
*Saturday and Sunday only urgent care-techs on call

If you are a patient and you need a copy of your test on a disc call the main number listed above and let them know what you need so they can get a disc prepared.
Please note Baptist Memorial Hospital of Carroll County no longer accepts UHC Americhoice Insurance but if you are one of our patients you can have your x-rays done at MMC’s satellite clinic in Dresden as MMC still takes UHC Americhoice.
Patients can expect either a phone call or a letter either same day or within 1 to 2 days of their exams.




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