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Specialty Care

McKenzie Medical Center’s onsite Specialty Clinic strives to enhance the access and quality of medical care available to residents of McKenzie and surrounding areas. McKenzie Medical Center’s primary care has continued to grow over the years. Providing specialty care is the next step in improving access and quality care for our patients. McKenzie has never had much medical coverage in the way of specialty care, but we now have the volume of patients in our practice that specialists are interested in coming to McKenzie. Also the McKenzie Hospital  is supportive of specialist recruitment. Together we hope to take a big step forward for medical care in McKenzie and the surrounding areas. It is the goal of McKenzie Hospital and McKenzie Medical Center to provide ‘under one roof’ all the medical care that is appropriate for a rural/small town area.

Now Available: VenaCure Laser Vein Treatment: A simple, outpatient procedure. VenaCure Laser Vein Treatment, combined with AngioDynamics Precision laser, treats reflux of the great saphenous vein with laser light emitted to the target area through a thin fiber inserted into the vein. From pre-op to post-op takes less than two hours, with the actual procedure taking 45 minutes. Patients typically resume activity immediately and see results quickly, with minimal chance of scarring, sutures, hospital stay, lengthy recovery, or surgical complications.

MMC’s Specialists include:

DR. CHUKWUOGO: Board Certified GENERAL SURGEON whose practice includes general, vascular and thoracic surgery including minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques. Additionally, he is trained in advanced laproscopic and thorascopy surgery, endovascular surgery and laser endoluminal vein surgery.

DR. MOEDE: Orthopedics

DR. KHUMALO: Podiatry