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Varicose Veins

Don’t Suffer in Silence from Varicose Veins

Act NOW – Take that Step Towards Healthy Legs


Quick & Painless: No Surgery, No Scar, Procedure Done in the Physician’s Office

DR. CHUKWUOGO, (“Dr. Chuk”) a Board Certified General Surgeon at McKenzie Medical Center provides a revolutionary procedure to eliminate unsightly, often painful varicose veins: EndoVenous Laser Treatment


What is a Varicose Vein?

Varicose veins are a common problem among men and women. They often look blue, bulging and twisted under your skin. When the valves of the vein are healthy they close tightly. When the valves are not healthy they don’t close completely and blood can then flow backward, pool inside the vein, and cause the vein to swell or expand abnormally, thus causing varicose veins.


Why Should I Be Worried About Varicose Veins?

Despite previous beliefs, varicose veins are not just a cosmetic problem they are also a significant cause of illness. They cause leg heaviness, pain, swelling and itching of the legs, discoloration of the ankles, dermatitis, ankle ulcers, bleeding, blood clots (which can be life threatening) and ulcers (that can turn into skin cancer).

“My first surgery was where they manually cut into my veins, I was down in the bed for six weeks. With the new laser surgery (EVLT) I was awake while Dr. Chuck was treating my legs and I didn’t feel a thing. When it was over I could return back to my duties. It was a very good experience…quick, painless and effective.”

– MMC Patient Testimonial

   How Can I Treat Varicose Veins?

Now, thanks to Dr. Chuk, you no longer have to suffer in silence from varicose veins. EndoVenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) is available at McKenzie Medical Center. This is a minimally invasive laser procedure and, compared to traditional surgical vein stripping, it is much less traumatic to the legs, has fewer side effects and no operative scarring and is done in the physician’s office (no hospitalization required).

The procedure usually takes about 60 minutes and is done right in the physician’s office. Patients are able to walk immediately after the procedure and are encouraged to resume normal daily activities. There may be temporary bruising after the procedure, but no scarring.


How Does EVLT Work?

EVLT is a laser fiber inserted along the length of the faulty vein. The laser energy targets the vein walls, shrinking and closing them, so that blood can no longer flow through them. After the minimally invasive EVLT treatment, the blood in the faulty vein will be diverted to normal veins, increasing the leg circulation, improving appearance and eliminating symptoms.