Video Visits

Video Visits

Skip the doctor’s office, do your appointment via your phone or computer.

As of 11/07/2017 we offer video visits via your PATIENT PORTAL. When you login on your computer you will see the video visit button on the right, or via the mobile app you may click “more” on the bottom right and then the video visit button. This will enable you to request a video visit with MMC Nurse and Provider. Please do not use in case of an emergency. In case of an emergency call: 911

When you start a video visit it will give you a list of the different issues we can treat. We can treat issues such as:
– Stomach ache
– Cold
– Flu
– Cough
– Rash
– Head ache
– Ear pain
– Urinary tract infection
– Pink eye
– Other Minor Ilnesses
*Please note: No Pain Management

When you start your visit it will give you an estimated wait time. If it is more than 0 minutes you may close the app or program and we will give you a call when we are ready to start your visit. Service charges for the visits are treated the same as visiting our walk-in clinic. Most insurances are accepted.

This service is available Monday through Friday: 8am-7pm.

To schedule your Video Visit you must first log into your patient portal CLICK HERE

*Please be aware that this is a new service for us and we do anticipate some issues. If there are issues we will give you a call to attempt to complete the visit.